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Rolling Shelving has been around for many years. Commonl;y refered to as high density shelving, mobile shelving, movable shelving, and compact shelving. This defintion is the same as the high density shelving definitrion becase it is the same prodcut referd to by comsumers by so many names! Originally finding a home in the medical records department of hospitals Rolling shelving has evolved into virtually every industry. Rolling Shelving can do basically two key things for organizations. It can either reduce the space required for folders/evidence/readiness bags/police record/ lockers/fireproof cabinets, or anything you can think of! Or it can allow for up to three times the storage without taking more space than the traditional shelving or cabinets you may be using now.

This is key to organizations today. If the use of Rolling shelving reduces the space needed to store material it can be used for revenue producing employees or inventory. If it allows up to three times the storage it can mean less new construction or the ability to stay where you are without using off site storage or needing to move and expand the building space you require.

Retail Stores have begun to use Rolling shelving to maximize the stock they have onsite in the store without renting more expensive spaced from the mall. Law firms can shrink the size of the file room and law library also reducing expensive rent and allowing another billable attorney or support staff to generate revenue.

The BYU Library in Provo Utah uses 400 to 500 Rolling shelving carriages in the BYU library. One of the largest Rolling shelving installations anywhere saved the university significant building cost as they building was designed and constructed.

Nike Store uses Rolling shelving in some new stores to reduce the space they need to rent at high rent malls and to keep the maximum inventory on hand to allow the consumable the best in stock selection they possibly can. Other chains using mobile shelving include Wal Mart, Adidas, Hallmark, Ann Taylor, Naturalizer Shoes, Tommy Hilfiger , and Kohl's. This is but a small number of retail stores utilizing Rolling shelving.

Rolling is just what it sounds like. It provides Rolling storage. In fact, for the money it probably provides the highest density storage available. Which is why it is so popular. With skyrocketing cost of space it is important to reduce sprawl. For a retail store it allows them to keep maximum inventory on hand, while keeping it in a small space to maximize the retail space available to sell merchandise. In a hospital it allows everything form linens to cat lab storage to prosthetics to be stored in the minimum space allowing for more patient rooms and service areas such as x ray machines.



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