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Rotary Files allow your files to be right there.

Datum Rotary Action FilesT provide greater access, creating a more efficient work environment. Each tier of the Rotary Action FileT turns independently, enabling any number of employees instant access to records.

Because most filed materials are thicker at one edge than the other because of fasteners, staples, paper clips reducing the amount of capacity in standard filing cabinets. Rotary Action FilesT take advantage of this by compressing the files on the inner circumference and allowing the thicker outer edge of the file to spread comfortably along the outer circumference.

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Rotary Files use less floor space while achieving easier access! Standard tiers available in sizes ranging from 36" to 54" in diameter and can be stacked up to 7 levels high.

Rotary Files for reception areas
A Datum Rotary Action FileT can be used for virtually any type of storage. Applications include; medical, legal, purchasing, customer service departments and microfilm storage. Rotary Action Files allow for fast and easy filing without leaving your desk!

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Optional laminate top provides a convenient work surfaceon rotary files.

Rotary Files can mean many things. If its for file folders or binders we are the place! If you are looking for the traditional Rolodex Rotary file for business cards or small card filing, rotary files are a different thing. We hope you find what you looking for in the adds below. But again if you are looking for rotary files for file folders or binders we are the place. When you hit the contact us button at the top of this ;page it will take you to a page to request information on rotary files. Of course we welcome to you to phone any time for free information on Rotary Files! Thank you for visiting our site!