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Your own Full Featured Internet Site. Complete with Product brochures, and GSA Contracts
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Telephone Action Plans

These are scripts for cold calling. Who to call and what to say! We use them and have been refining them for years. no more stumbling. Use word tracks that have proven themselves! Work less, sell more




Tools like this! The SMS

Space Management Simulator
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Vertical Carousels


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  Leads Leads Leads
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  Online Catalog/ Physical Catalogs- over 70,000 products online!
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Selling Guides to help you understand each market

Right now you go to the markets you are comfortable; with. heath care? Medical records is less than 10% of the shelving opportunity in a hospital and everyone is there. Go where the money is with our health care selling guide. Now you will know all the markets you can go to, who to asks for, what products. These are worth a fortune and you get them with your sign up! Click here for a snapshot of the page from our extra where current selling guides are listed.

  All the contacts you add with e mail addresses will automatically get our annual greeting cards. Our customers really look forward to them. Check them out at Find the "about us" button at the top and drop down to forth of july for an example. Literally 100's of 1,000's of people know us from these innovative e cards  
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  No call reports, as a matter of fact, no reports at all!  


Virtual color selector

Ask when you call or check it out yourself! This is a revolutionary tool you will have access to. You can see it on our site

  Specifications for all our products so you win! Not just what the manufacture says, but more details and air tight specifications so you will win!  

You can forecast in our system. The nice thing about our forecast is it will do two things for you! One: The (SFS) Smart Forecast System will calculate your past history and tell you based on what you forecast today, what will probably happen based on history. No more surprises next month. You will sell what you expect to sell! It will also tell you based on history just how many internet leads you need to make your target (which you set!) or how many cold calls or how many customer referrals!

Two: It will also forecast your income.

  "Training Camps" Hosted at our facility to make you the best and smartest sales team in the industry!  
  Best Product training in the Industry! We have over 50 selling guides on line that tell you about each market. Departments to call on, titles in the departments, what products we have for each department and just what to say (word tracks that work!  
  Coming soon! Use of our own GSA contract!  
  Your own customized newsletter!  
  Internet Contact Data Base Software!  
  We do your quotes! You request them online, with our
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We represent 100's of companies and thousands of products. Become part of our family. As of July 2005 we have over 70,000 products online and in our catalog!

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