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Estey Library Shelving has set the standard in the industry for cantilever style Library book stacks. Estey shelving has found homes in some of the largest and smallest public, university, government and school libraries. A wide array of accessories allows books, catalogs, manuals and media of all sizes to be stored most effectively. Estey Shelving satisfies all Library Technology Report tests.
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Estey and Moving Shelves, Sliding Shelves, Moving Shelving, Sliding Shelving, High Density Shelving Lookup High Density Shelving, Rolling Shelving, High Density Shelves, Rolling Shelves Estey Library Shelving offer a complete line of Estey Library shelving and storage solutions. Products include standard Estey Library shelving, decorative high design installations, periodical displays and children's area storage.

Standard Shelving

Our standard adjustable shelves are available in a wide range of sizes. We also have adjustable integral backstop shelves with sliding book supports. Periodicals Periodicals and special display shelves ride on hinged shelves with back issues stored conveniently under the display. Optional Plexiglas covers are available to protect materials. Children's Area Shelving Kids are tough on shelves. And, they are low to the ground. Our 42" high divider-type shelving keeps materials organized and within easy reach. We offer shelving for all kinds of media needs. Here are just a few of the solutions that we have available: · Single Tier Sloped Media Shelves · Double Tier Media Shelves · Microfilm/Audio Cassette Shelving · Paperback Zigzag Shelving · Media Hanger Rack · Multi-Media Browsing Boxes · Newspaper Racks · Storage Cabinets · Multi-Media trays · Stack Lighting · Sloped Lighting · Sloped Display Bases · Book Storage Lockers · Storage Shelves · Sliding Reference Shelves · Free-Standing book Supports · Sliding Dividers on Integral Backstop Shelves · Adjustable Dividers on Slotted Shelves · Under shelf Wire Book Supports · Care Holders for 3x Cards · Range Finders

Estey Library shelving is for more than just storing books. They provide an attractive yet economical solution for displaying books and binders in legal libraries, corporate libraries or informational areas.Ask for these solutions


The clean, closed end panel design makes Case-Style shelving the perfect compliment to the professional Estey Library environment.


Are you running out of room? Utilize cubic space more effectively with a Mobile Shelving Lookup Mobile Shelving system

Estey Library Shelving is ideal for public schools, businesses or libraries of any size. · Slide-in shelf offers quick adjustments for different size books. · Each 8-3/4" deep shelf is designed specifically for book storage · Painted steel end panels are standard. · Optional Walnut-, Teak- or Oak-grained vinyl laminate end panels available, to blend with any decor.· Locking tabs hold each shelf securely in place. · Combination base shelf allows books to be stored straight on angled to make titles easier to read. · Units come with or without backs. Estey Library Shelving units feature single and double face configurations, starter and adder units, periodical shelves and pull-out reference shelves.

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