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Filing Solutions!!


Information management will be a vital key to success for most organizations during the course of this decade and into the next century. The amount of information that is being compiled, recorded processed analyzed and stored has reached staggering proportions. Access to this wealth of knowledge has given decision makers unprecedented opportunities to manage their organizations with confidence and timely precision.

Unfortunately, the explosion of information has created a costly dilemma for many businesses. To remain competitive, executives have become dependent on having accurate information available to them immediately. But, as their organizations grow, the amount of information they need to access soon overwhelms their filing methods. A well planned records management system then becomes a critical part of managing productivity throughout the organization.

Advances in technology have both helped and added to the problem. The widespread use of computers and facsimile machines has made information more readily available than ever, but they are also generating new documents at a rapidly increasing rate. And although micrographics, magnetic and imaging-based technologies are helping to get control of the incredible volume of documents, in reality, paper still make up over 95% of our stored vital information.

It seems logical then, that most companies would carefully plan and implement a program to manage their paper records as efficiently as possible. In fact, the opposite is true. A majority of businesses simply keep adding to whatever filing system currently exists with little regard to its efficiency or its ability to meet future needs. And to a large degree, they do not realize what their records management methods are truly costing the organization.

TPPI has pioneered shelf-based filing with color- coded indexing as the efficient alternative to traditional filing methods. A well designed records management system using color coded shelf filing techniques can significantly reduce the total cost of maintaining paper documents, as well as increase overall office productivity