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This description covers the minimum requirements for High Density Mobile Storage Systems. This system will be purchased using the State of Utah Shelving contract and any system not holding that contract will be unsuitable.


The high density Mobile Storage Systems will be an integrated assembly of independence, mobile and stationary ranges. The systems will be mechanical assist complete with the appropriate chain box and aisle safety locks. Each range will consist of rigidly attached sections of shelving. All ranges will have suitable end panels, back panels, etc., all as specified. The system will be level and have recessed rails.


The entire system including carriages, the shelving and the tracking/rails will be manufactured by a firm regularly engaged in the manufacturing of both steel shelving and high-density mobile storage systems for the past five years.


The vendor will be responsible for taking and verifying all dimensions for design and installation. The vendor will also verify the capacity of existing storage needs and calculating the future requirements for growth.


Rail will be designed to be attached on top of concrete carpet or tile floor and allow for adjustment so rails can be leveled over an uneven floor. Rails will be located and positioned properly & leveled. Each rail will have a minimum width of 2 3/8" and all rails must extend completely under all stationary ranges. Rails will level and will not exceed .0625" maximum variation from true level within any module and .0625" maximum variation between adjacent rails perpendicular to rail direction. The rail will be a minimum of .625" in height and be constructed of solid 1008 steel. Each section of rail will be a minimum of 118" with shorter length used only to terminate each individual rail assembly. In addition, each end of the rail will be connected by means of twin stainless steel dowels pinned between the rail splice. The splice will be designed for the most severe operating conditions. Connection joints will demonstrate vertical and horizontal continuity and gradually transfer the concentrated wheel load to and from adjoining rail sections.

3.2.2 Recessed floor and rail

Rail must be compatible to previously specified recessions in the concrete slab. Rail that does not meet the previous specifications will be unsuitable.


All Carriages will be of welded steel construction capable of supporting a maximum of 1000 lb. per lineal foot without distorting in any manner.

Fixed carriages will be of the same construction and height as the mobile carriages, and anchored to the continuous rails located beneath the fixed carriages for a complete homogeneous system.

Carriage splices will be bolted type designed to maintain proper unit alignment. Carriages will be straight and square. There will be no slippage, drag or windup in any splice or welded joint.

Carriage construction will be such to allow shelving to be securely anchored to each carriage. Each carriage will have two wheels minimum per rail. Each drive wheel will have a set of pillow blocks. Wheels with a single, center wheel bearing are not acceptable. Dynamic load rating on wheel bearings will be a minimum of 4,420 lb. Per wheel.

Wheels will be a minimum of 4" effective diameter, precision ground and balanced and constructed of suitable material for smooth operation and housing the appropriate load rate for each carriage. Two guide wheels are required for each guide rail. A minimum of two guide rails are required per carriage, a minimum of four guide wheels will be incorporated into each carriage.

Drive shafts are solid and a minimum of .75". Torque tubes connecting solid shafts are tubular. Drive shaft will be a non-load-bearing member of the drive train for ease of locomotion and service. Couplers will be securely pinned and/or doweled into place to eliminate any and all play or looseness in the drive mechanisms.

Bumpers will be mounted to the carriage face to protect material which may extend beyond the shelf face and provide positive stop for all carriages without damage or displacement of either material stored or the carriage themselves.


Reduction drive units must be available at the following ratios:


1 Lb. 1:2000 6.2"

1 Lb. 1:4000 4.7"

1 Lb. 1:6000 3.6"

1 Lb. 1:9000 2.7"

1 Lb. 1:11000 2.1"

Aisle safety locks or key locks will be standard on three-spoke and one-spoke handles.


Safety requirements include protection for operator and protection for documents and media.

Aisle safety locks will be installed on each carriage. Security locks must be available for sensitive materials.

Entire systems will be designed to eliminate any possibility for damage to be caused to any of the documents or stored media by closure of any aisle. Width of carriages will be inclusive of each individual sized media. Standard sized materials will only be specified and those sizes will be available from manufacturer's standard component parts listing.


End panels will be designed to allow quick and easy service to all components. End panels will be a laminate. Panels will be constructed and mounted by manufactures standard method to prevent "oil canning" and attached with concealed fasteners. End panels will be available in a variety of laminate options to compliment shelving color selections.


Carriages and shelving will be from same manufacture and supplier. Approved and accepted product and manufacturer:


Aurora Mobile High Density Storage System

Aurora Quik-Lok Shelving


Richards-Wilcox, Inc.

600 South Lake Street

Aurora, IL 60506

Phone: 800-326-4403

Fax: 801-886-2530




The shelving shall consist of the following basic parts: uprights, shelves, front bases, and shelf supports, which are assembled without any loose nuts, bolts, or studs of any kind; without any sway braces or gussets; and without tools of any kind. Except for divider locating slots, there shall be no holes on exposed surfaces. The front and back flange of the shelf shall be flush with the face of the post; and the back, where needed, will be flush with the face of the post. Shelves shall be adjustable on 1-1/2" centers.


Shall consist of two 2" wide 18 gauge cold rolled steel posts rolled into a double wall "T" formation (or "L" formation at row ends) with keyhole slots on the inner wall only, on 1-1/2" centers. There shall be no holes in the face of the posts. The front and back posts shall be joined by welding 3-1/8" high 18 gauge spacers to give the required upright depth and rigidity. Open uprights to be manufactured to heights specified. "T" upright shall be used as a common upright between units.


Same specifications as open uprights, except 18 gauge spacers are replaced by a welded 24 gauge closure sheet.


The shelf shall be formed of 18 gauge cold rolled steel with 5/8" flanges on all sides turned in front and back. Shelves are adjustable on 1-1/2" centers (22 gauge shelves also available). Single entry shelves shall have two rows, and double entry 4 rows of slots to accept file divider tabs.


Shelf supports 30" and 36" shall be formed of 14 gauge hot rolled, 42" and 48" shall be formed of 11 gauge hot rolled pick-led steel to the specified width x 3/4" high with two additional flanges of 1-1/8" and 5/16", except that an ear 13/16"at each end shall be left unformed to accept two shoulder rivets. Rivets shall be 7/16" dia. at the head. Each ear of the shelf sup-ports shall contain two solid core shoulder rivets spaced to set into keyhole slots on the inner wall of the uprights.


The 16 gauge flanged back stop shall provide a 2-1/4"high back strip across the back edge of the single entry shelf. It shall attach to the inside face of the back posts on either side with tabs set into post key holes. The top edge shall be slotted on same spacing as the shelf to retain and stabilize the file dividers.


In addition to the backstops (where required), the back shall be one piece formed of 22 gauge cold rolled steel, and shall be held in place without fasteners of any kind, by its flanged edges. The side edges of the back shall be formed in one 90° square bend, and one 90° reverse bend to give a flange of 3/8" and 7/32" wide. This flange shall fit around the post and shall hold the back in place by its flange between shelf support and the post. The bottom edge of the back shall be formed in a 90° squared bend to give a flange 1/2" wide. The top shall have one 90° square bend 3/8" wide and one 90° reverse bend 1-1/8"wide. The back flange of the shelf shall be flush with the back.


The 24 gauge 2-1/4" high center stop flanged at bottom edge and box formed at top is bolted to and forms a divider along the center of the shelf to divide it for double entry filing on the same shelf. It is slotted with the same slot spacing as the shelf to retain and stabilize the opposing file dividers.


Quik-BaseT combines a shelf support, front base, and floor-anchoring device all in one. Units can be anchored through each end of a 16 gauge channel that allows the attachment points with the floor to be closer to the upright posts giving a much wider stance for a superior method of anchoring. Each end of the Quik-BaseT shall have two solid core shoulder rivets spaced to set into keyhole slots on the inner face of the uprights.


18 gauge flat file dividers shall have 2 shelf tabs on the bottom edge and one hook tab on the back edge to locate and firmly support the dividers on the shelf.


The shelf reinforcements shall be formed of 14 gauge hot rolled, pickled steel to the specified depth x 5/8" high and 1 1 /4" wide. The shelf reinforcements shall be notched on each end to fit over the inside lip of the shelf supports.


All surfaces are painted in a powder coated Gloss-TekT paint finish. Gloss-TekT is a raised surface finish that provides non-glare, fingerprint resistant durability. Colors may be selected from the Richards-Wilcox color selector or custom colors can be specified by the customer.


Aurora Shelving can be ordered with special ESD paint that dissipates electrostatic charge for use in applications in the telecommunications, electronics and semiconductor industries. Available in Black or Granite colors.

*Quik-Base U.S. Patent 6,105,513



Gloss-Tek Powder Coat is a solvent free, 100% non-volatile product, which is electrostatically sprayed and cured in an oven to achieve crosslinking. The specific product is a 500-series Epoxy-Polyester Hybrid Powder Coating. The chemistry involved in this product involves solid epoxy resins, which react with carboxyl-functional polyester resins. This cure does not produce volatile reaction products.

Gloss-Tek is superior to liquid coatings, which typically use the formaldehyde crosslinking chemistry, which is believed to emit trace quantities of methanol and formaldehyde.

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